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Interested in taking your already amazing talents to the next level?

Are you building your career in art, design, music, photography, film, writing or media art?

Design Career | Creative Path assists you with effective Strategic Planning and provides ongoing Mentoring to help you to achieve your career goals and enjoy a fulfilling career as a Creative Professional.

Unlike most career consultants, we are art and design professionals with over 50 years experience in art, design, creative direction, art direction and producion so we understand what is involved in making things happen in the creative professions. We have actually done the things we are helping you to strategize and implement. In addition, we have decades of hands-on teaching and mentoring experience at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels in both design and art-related fields. We have personally taught over 6,000 emerging creative professionals and have mentored hundreds.

We can provide you with both guidance and insight into what’s important and what’s not. We can translate your vision and goals into a clear strategy and an achievable roadmap. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but if you have the talent, drive and discipline, it is possible for you to achieve a successful and fulfilling professional life — and we can help you get there.

Strategy and mentoring for emerging creative professionals is something we allocate a limited amount of time to, as our full-time professional projects and consulting keep us busy. We are selective about who we advise, so be aware that working with us will require a portfolio review and an interview on your part. However, we do charge greatly reduced rates for our career strategy services (compared to our professional consulting rates) and will work with you on an hourly basis, with no retainer, so you are not locked into a contract and will have complete control over continuing, extending, or ending the relationship at all times.

Please contact us to set up a FREE initial 30-minute phone or skype interview.

Roy Montibon and Julie Tumblety

855. 806. 7332

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